In the Know: Facebook and Image Sharing for Public Healthwebcast

In the Know: Facebook and Image Sharing for Public Healthwebcast

Facebook and Image Sharing (Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, & Tumblr) for Public Health
will stream live on Tuesday, April 23 at 2 PM ET

The In the Know: Social Media for Public Health webcast series discusses the world of social media and its relevance to public health.

Each webcast focuses on a popular social media channel and includes cutting-edge tips and tools
for integrating social media into your public health outreach and communication strategies.

In the Know webcasts are live events with presentations and interactive sections.
Use hashtag #sm4ph on Twitter to follow the conversation and ask questions. You can also submit questions to

Prior sessions have been archived and are available for viewing:

  • ·         Feb. 19 – Twitter: Archive 
  • ·         March 12 – LinkedIn & Slideshare Archive 
  • ·         April 2 – Gaming & Mobile  Archive 

Latest social media insights on topics including:

  • ·         April 23 – Facebook & Image Sharing (Instagram, Pinterest & Flickr) with special guest
     – Registration is open now!
  • ·         May 14 – Google Plus & YouTube with Special Guest from Google 
  • ·         June 4Social Media Measurement & Evaluation


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Recap on Thursday’s #esac tweet chat

Although eHealth and similar concepts have been in the lexicon for almost a decade, if not more, there seems to be increased emphasis on harnessing the use of new and emerging technologies in healthcare/medicine and in public health. Last week’s eSAC (Public eHealth Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean) tweet chat focused specifically on Public eHealth. As a participant in these chats, and someone looking to increase my knowledge of this area, I tried to get a clear definition (and examples) that differentiates ehealth from public health. Thanks @soroyajulian and @FelipeMejiaMedina for continuing to expand our understanding of these areas and how they are operationalized.


As for examples:!/SoroyaJulian/status/162692742139490304!/FelipeMejiaMedi/status/162692713995710464!/FelipeMejiaMedi/status/162692485343232000

And finally:!/SoroyaJulian/status/162690874608852993!/FelipeMejiaMedi/status/162693044829831168

Below are a series of tweets that helps explain the two. Do you have anything else to add? Please share in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to join this week’s Tweet Chat at 7PM EST. Use #esac to follow and participate.