International Conference on Health in the African Diaspora

International Conference in Health in the African Diaspora (ICHAD 2012) brings together a broad spectrum researchers, policymakers, health and development advocates, and health journalists from across the globe. Conference participants will share critical knowledge about major health challenges confronting African descendants, including chronic disease, HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, mental health, healthcare access and quality, and the social determinants of health. ICHAD 2012 will have nearly 30 speakers from a dozen disciplines focusing on 14 countries, including Belize, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Jamaica, Panama, Peru, and the United States. The project will produce a book comprising conference papers and will be held July 4-8 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.


Recap on Thursday’s #esac tweet chat

Although eHealth and similar concepts have been in the lexicon for almost a decade, if not more, there seems to be increased emphasis on harnessing the use of new and emerging technologies in healthcare/medicine and in public health. Last week’s eSAC (Public eHealth Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean) tweet chat focused specifically on Public eHealth. As a participant in these chats, and someone looking to increase my knowledge of this area, I tried to get a clear definition (and examples) that differentiates ehealth from public health. Thanks @soroyajulian and @FelipeMejiaMedina for continuing to expand our understanding of these areas and how they are operationalized.


As for examples:!/SoroyaJulian/status/162692742139490304!/FelipeMejiaMedi/status/162692713995710464!/FelipeMejiaMedi/status/162692485343232000

And finally:!/SoroyaJulian/status/162690874608852993!/FelipeMejiaMedi/status/162693044829831168

Below are a series of tweets that helps explain the two. Do you have anything else to add? Please share in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to join this week’s Tweet Chat at 7PM EST. Use #esac to follow and participate.


Can ICTs help eliminate health inequities? Join #esac on Thurs., Jan 12th @ 7PM to find out

Happy New Year!

I know we’re well into January, but now is as good a time as any to begin blogging again.

First up, the folks over at PAHO’s Public eHealth Innovation and Equity in Latin American and the Caribbean (eSAC) have been hosting another Twitter Chat tomorrow evening (Thursday, Jan 12th) at 7pm EST; #esac. If you missed last week’s chat, I’m including a screenshot of a portion of it. If you have any questions related to health inequities/health disparities in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the role of ICTs (management information services, data sharing networks, web 2.0/3.0 applications such as blogs and mobile apps) in combating those, this is the people to connect with.

So join tomorrow’s chat. Log in to Twitter at 7PM EST and use the hashtag ecas (#esac).