PANCAP call for applications to review the interpersonal communications (IPC) strategies of social marketing organisations

CARISMA-PANCAP is requesting applications from suitably qualified consultant(s) to document and review the interpersonal communications (IPC) strategies for HIV prevention and sexual health promotion of social marketing organisations (SMOs) with selected populations in two Caribbean countries (St Lucia and the Dominican Republic), from April – September 2012. This will involve working closely with SMOs who are part of the CARISMA programme.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 21st May 2012 at 17.00 (London time)

Full proposal information, including guidelines for submission and evaluation can be found at:


Pray for the families of those who lost their lives in St. Lucia

My heart and prayers go out to the people of St. Lucia as they mourn the death of more than 17 people in a bus crash. The Prime Minister has declared a three-day mourning across the islands. This is a terrible tragedy. But is also reminds us that road safety is just as important as any other. Unintentional accidents cause many injuries and deaths across our beautiful islands. Those of us from islands with hills and mountains know the dangers of driving with the mountain on one side and the sea on the other. Continue to pray for the families affected.

HAITI-UN reports significant increase in cholera cases – St. Lucia on alert

The World Health organization (WHO) Tuesday said that 1,648 persons had died as a result of the cholera outbreak in Haiti and that more than 72,000 others had been treated for the water borne disease which first surfaced in late October.

via HAITI-UN reports significant increase in cholera cases – St. Lucia on alert.