E-cigarette advertisements in the Caribbean

I was browsing through the Healthy Caribbean Coalition website recently and click on their Tobacco Control section. I’m involved in a research project looking at the effectiveness of cigarette warning labels globally so tobacco control is of increasing interest to me.

e-cigarette-adAt the top of HCC’s Tobacco Control page was a “Response to e-cigarette promotion in Jamaica” by three members of the Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control. The columns were written back in 2010 and are quite insightful. You can read them here, here, and here.

These types of public advocacy (media advocacy) are important part of the health communication mix. This got me thinking about what has happened since then. Who else has written about e-cigarette advertisements in the region?

I’d also love to see communication-oriented research on how/whether these kinds of media advocacy has any real effect on policies and laws in the region, which in turn may affect behavior.

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