Tempo Networks turned 10: What happened to its pro-social campaign?

Tempo Television networks turned 10 years in 2015, and one of the early things I remember about the station tempo_badness_outta_stylewas their One Love: Badness Outta Style campaign. Badness Outta Style is Tempo’s pro-social campaign to bring attention to violence in Caribbean communities.

The campaign included a music video by reggae artist Peter Runks as well as school tours across various islands, including St. Lucia and St. Maarten. I’ve actually always
liked the general message of the campaign. Several islands, and some communities within islands, are constantly plagued by violence.

But, the communication researcher in me always wanted to know more about their formative research and message testing. I’ve always wondered how they developed this campaign. And, did they conduct any research after the campaign launched. How many youth were reached by the campaign? Did any parts of the campaign resonate with those young people?

In any event, it’s one of those campaigns that I remember from the region and wanted to share.

One thought on “Tempo Networks turned 10: What happened to its pro-social campaign?

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