Specialists for women to see by decade-via

It’s Women’s Health Week in the United States and there’s a wealth of information around the web about what women can do for better health. The infographic below (From via shows women in their 20’s through 50’s the various types of medical professionals they should visit and what tests need to be done. The posting of this graphic does not constitute medical advice, and everyone should talk with their general practitioner/primary care physician or other primary care medical personal regarding what to do at each stage of their lives. The importance of the information below is to encourage open communication between patients and physicians. For example, if you’re in your 20’s and sexually active, regular HIV and other STD testing should be part of your medical routine. Breast and Cervical cancer are leading causes of death among Caribbean women. Women in their 40’s should talk to their doctors about routine screenings. There is often a stigma associated with many of the tests shown in the graphic below. Speaking about these tests to your doctor and sharing information with family members is one step towards better health.


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