mHealth. eHealth. Are they that different?

I want to say thanks to @SoroyaJulian for inviting me to the #esac Twitter chat. I see this as a great resource for learning about eHealth, Public eHealth, mHealth and other concepts we hear so much about.Here’s a quick rundown of what went on.!/FelipeMejiaMedi/status/157619500563447808!/katellington/status/157619995692638208

One of the things I wanted to learn about was the difference, if any, between mhealth and ehealth. Felipe Mejia Medi, who facilitated the charts, did a great job of helping us decipher the nuances between the two.!/FelipeMejiaMedi/status/157621068805308416!/DianeBFrancis/status/157624568238981120

So, if you like the conversation so far, you don’t have the wait until next Thursday’s (@7PM EST) chat. This being Twitter, I’m sure you can have your say at any time. Just make sure to use the hashtag esac (#esac). Do you have another definition for ehealth? Is there really a difference between mhealth and ehealth?

Join the conversation and follow me @DianeBFrancis.

One thought on “mHealth. eHealth. Are they that different?

  1. Dear @DianeBFrancis, thank you very much for this post and your opinions about it. For me and Soroya as part of the eSAC team, this is the kind of promotion we need to gather different people and make them discuss, analyze, learn from different people and teach us their experience about this field so-called eHealth which has so much potential and can provide tools for achieving equity in Health and in all social determinants of health. I appreciate absolutely your participation and you and all your readers (now I became one) to come to our tweetchat the next thursday 19 at 7 pm Washington time to discuss the topic “eHealth vs Health”. We will follow the same dynamic, first in English and then in Spanish. Main hashtag eSAC.

    By the way, you are absolutely right. Everybody can participate in different schedules and times just by using the hashtag #esac (also by using my user twitter account to be aware of tweet)

    Felipe Mejía Medina
    Public eHealth Innovation and Equity In Latin America and the Caribbean. eSAC Project.
    Twitter @FelipeMejiaMedi

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