A saw this picture a few weeks ago on Dominica News Online, and it immediately brought back memories of going to Saturday markets with my grandma. It also reminded me of Dominica’s annual Market Day with a Difference, which occurs around Independence celebrations.

We as a region have amazing bounties, and we really need to get back to basics when it comes to what and how we eat. In the past 10 to 15 years, there has been a quiet revolution across the region with the introduction of more packaged goods than ever before. Look at the amazing colors. How could someone ever replicate this in a lab? The mangoes, the carrots, the cocoys all look so yummy.

You don’t realize how much these images speak to you until you are far away from home and ‘eat local’  and ‘but local’ is the marketing edge. There are so many studies being done on getting people in developed countries to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and in figuring out which communication method best works. Yet, we have the best social marketing campaign right in front of us, but all we want to do is stand in a long line for deep fried foods.

Pictures like these are sometimes the best promotional strategies to remind us that we have what so many people across the world lack: the availability of fresh produce. And, that these are one of the best options for preventing the rise of many NCDs that affect us as a people.

Source: Dominica News Online

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