The Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV/AIDS has teamed up with Scotia Bank for this year’s Regional HIV Testing Day. Research has shown that getting tested and knowing your status is one way to stem this epidemic. Since many locations are offering free services (The Virgin Islands Daily News just posted a story on free testing services on St. Thomas and St. Croix), there is no excuse for not getting tested. Take your best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister or another loved one with you and have them get tested also. HIV rates is rising among young people in the Caribbean. And young women are increasingly being affected. It can be a difficult decision to get tested, but it is a necessary decision. And, while getting tested for HIV, it’s imperative that we also get tested for other STIs such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis since having an STI increases ones risk for getting HIV. And for those not in the region, the US’s National HIV Testing Day is on Monday, June 27th.
Look below for your country and a location nearest you.
Country Test Locations Test Day
Anguilla The Valley Scotiabank June 24
Antigua Wood’s Centre Scotiabank June 27
High Street Scotiabank June 27
Barbuda June 25
AIDS Secretariat Office June 26
Bahamas Rawson Square Scotiabank June 24
Barbados Black Rock Scotiabank June 24 -25
Broad Street Scotiabank June 24 -25
Haggatt Hall Scotiabank June 24 -25
Holetown Scotiabank June 24 -25
Independence Square June 24 -25
Warrens Scotiabank June 24 -25
Rockley Scotiabank June 24 -25
BVI Virgin Gorda Scotiabank June 24
Road Town, Tortola Scotiabank June 24
Cayman Islands George Town General Practice June 27 – July 1
George Town Public Health Section June 27 – July 1
West Bay Health Centre June 27 – July 1
Bodden Town Health Centre June 27 – July 1
East End Health Centre June 27 – July 1
North Side Health Centre June 27 – July 1
Faith Hospital/PH Clinic – Cayman Brac June 27 – July 1
Little Cayman Clinic – Litle Cayman June 27 – July 1
Dominica Laplaine June 24
Grandbay June 24
Roseau June 24
Kalinago Territory June 24
French Guiana June 27
Grenada Grenville Scotiabank June 24
Grand Anse Scotiabank June 24
Esplanade Mall June 24
Guyana Robb Street Scotiabank June 24
Carmichael Street Scotiabank June 24
New Amsterdam Scotiabank June 24
Bartica Scotiabank June 24
Olivet Seven Day Adventist (SDA) June 25
Ephesus SDA June 25
Smyrna SDA June 25
Shiloh SDA June 25
Plaisance SDA June 25
Carmel SDA June 25
Moriah SDA June 25
Stanley Town SDA June 25
Philadelphia SDA June 25
Eden SDA June 25
City Mall (MARPS) June 25
Ashmins (MARPS) June 25
Parika Scotiabank June 26
Demico House Car Park (MARPS) June 27
For the Children Sake June 27
Haiti Port-au-Prince Scotiabank June 24
Carrefour Scotiabank June 24
Petion-Ville Scotiabank
(PubliGestion Parking)
June 24
Hopital La Paix
(for Scotiabank – Delmas Branch)
June 24
Institute Fame Pereo June 24
Hopital St. François de Salle June 24
Foyer St. Camille
– Plaine du Cul de Sac – Marin
June 24
Centre de Development de la Santé (CDS)
– Plaine du Cul de Sac – Cazeau
June 24
Promoteurs Objectifs ZeroSIDA (POZ)
– Centre Ville (Rue Alix Roy)
June 24
Centre de la Croix-des-Bouquets June 24
Jamaica Sam Sharpe Square Scotiabank,
Montego Bay
June 24
Barnett Street Scotiabank, Montego Bay June 24
Hagley Park Scotiabank, Kingston June 24
Premiere Scotiabank, Kingston June 24
St. Ann’s Bay Scotiabank, Ocho Rios June 24
Highgate Scotiabank, St. Mary June 24
Santa Cruz Scotiabank, St. Elizabeth June 24
Frankfield Scotiabank, Clarendon June 24
St. Kitts Princes Street Scotiabank,
Basseterre, St. Kitts
June 24
Main Street, Nevis June 24
St. Lucia Castries Scotiabank June 24
Rodney Bay Scotiabank June 24
Vieux- Fort Scotiabank June 24
St. Maarten Phillipsburg Scotiabank June 25
St. Vincent Planned Parenthood Association, Frenches June 27 -28
Outpatient Dept. Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Kingstown June 27
Ministry of Health, Wellness and Environment, Ministerial Buildings June 27
Suriname June 27
Trinidad Rio Claro Health Centre, Corner Dougdeen and De Verteuil Street, Rio Claro June 24
La Brea Health Centre, New Lands, La Brea June 24
Brian Lara Promenade
(opposite RBTT- near to the Cipriani Statue)
June 27
San Juan Promenade June 27
St. James District Health Facility,
112 Western Main Road St James
June 27
NWRHA Head Office. 39 Dundonald Street June 27
George Street VCT Clinic, George Street,
Port of Spain
June 27
San Juan Health Centre, Real Street, San Juan June 27
Petit Valley Health Centre, Mornecoco Road, Petit Valley June 27
QPCC&C, COSTAATT Building June 27
Arima District Health Facility, Queen Mary Avenue, Arima June 27
Tacarigua Health Centre. El Dorado Road, Tunapuna June 27
Maloney Health Centre, Flamingo Boulevard, Maloney Gardens June 27
Chaguanas Health Facility, Cor. Montrose Main and Galt Street, Chaguanas June 27
Tropical Angel Harp Pan Yard,
Cor. Old Southern Main Road
June 27
Mayaro District Health Facility, Main Road, Mayaro June 27
Sangre Grande Health Centre, Henderson St, Sangre Grande June 27
Cumuto Outreach Centre, Cumuto Main Road, June 27
Cumana Outreach Centre, Cumana Main Road, (By Triangle next to Health Centre) June 27
Accident and Emergency,
San Fernando General Hospital
June 27
Kings Wharf, San Fernando June 27
Marabella Health Centre, Market Street, Marabella June 27
Siparia District Health Facility,
Cor Grell and High Street, Siparia
June 27
UWI Health Services Unit (For Students ONLY), UWI Campus, St. Augustine June 27
Tobago Scarborough Health Centre, Bacolet Gardens, Scarborough, June 27
Canaan Health Centre, Guy Street,
Canaan Tobago
June 27
Roxborough Health Centre,
Roxborough Main Road
June 24
Turks & Caicos Scotia Centre June 24
Anglican Church Dillon Hall,
Pond Street Grand Turk
June 24
Grace Bay Centre Scotiabank June 24
USVI Havensight Scotiabank, St. Thomas June 24
Sunny Isle Scotiabank, St. Croix June 24 

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