Haiti cholera toll surpasses 2400

Haiti’s cholera death toll has jumped by some 210 people, with more than 2,400 now having succumbed to the epidemic, health officials said on Wednesday, after days of hope that the outbreak had begun to taper off.

via Haiti cholera toll surpasses 2400 – The West Australian.

Haiti not the first stop for deadly cholera strain

The cholera outbreak ravaging Haiti is part of a worldwide pandemic that began 50 years ago and should be easy to stop — with technology developed in the 1800s.

Haiti’s poor sanitation system, however, makes it vulnerable to a disease that first swept the United States and other parts of the world more than 150 years ago. The current global wave of cholera — the seventh in recorded history — made its way from Asia to Africa then Latin America, and is now back for its second strike at this hemisphere.

via Caribbean News Now!: Haiti not the first stop for deadly cholera strain.