Conferences are one of the best ways to show what you’ve been working on. They are also great places to learn about new research, techniques and innovations. We hope to keep this page updated on conferences relevant to health communication/social marketing/ehealth professionals and the wider public health community in the Caribbean. if you know of any upcoming conferences that you think our community would be interested in, please let us know at diane at caribbeanhealth dot org

The 22nd Annual Social Marketing Conference

  • June 15-16 | Clearwater Beach, Florida

International AIDS Conference

  • July 22-27 | Washington, DC

CDC National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media

  • August 7-9 | Atlanta, Georgia

UK Social Marketing Conference

  • November 14 | London, United Kingdom

European Social Marketing Conference

  • November 27-28 | Lisbon, Portugal

mHealth Summit

  • December 3-5 | Washington, DC

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