Annual International Public Health Conference, University of Technology, Jamaica

The University of Technology’s (UTECH), School of Public Health and Health Technology (SPHHT) will host its 3rd International Public Health Conference, from October 3-6 2013 at the Jamaica Conference Centre, Kingston. This Conference will be of great significance to our region as we will be looking at common issues and strategies for solutions that will facilitate ongoing collaboration and sharing of expertise between the Territories of the Caribbean.

The Conference, under the Theme: “Challenges to Public Health in a Global Environment: – “Time for Action” will provide the framework for addressing concerns about the increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases in Jamaica the Caribbean.

The Conference Agenda will feature eight thematic scientific sessions which will bring focus to some of the critical issues and challenges faced nationally, regionally and internationally. These sessions include the following themes: Non-Communicable Diseases: Multi-Sectoral Action for Prevention, Environmental Health Challenges, Climate Change and Green/Healthy Cities, Disaster Preparedness and Response Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management, Best Practices for Advancement in Public Health, Food & Public Policy in the Caribbean: The Role of Public Health Nutrition, Public Health Nursing: Outreach and Intervention in Population at Risk.

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