Controversial sexual awareness curriculum in Jamaican schools


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From the news story:

” Some parents are taking issue with the sexual awareness unit of the newly introduced health and family life education curriculum produced by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with UNICEF. They say the questions being asked and some of the exercises suggested for students from grade 7 through 9 are highly inappropriate”

The news story was quite interesting, and although I believe that it is important to expose and educate young persons about sex and sexuality I can understand the concern stirred among parents and teachers. I wondered if much of this material was not influenced by the funding partner UNICEF and how much effort was taken to assess the local culture in dealing with some of these matters. Was there a focus group of Jamaican parents who approved this publication?

What are your thoughts?

One thought on “Controversial sexual awareness curriculum in Jamaican schools

  1. I think this bit of education might be too shocking for some children, and too mild for others. First all terms must be defined and understood, sexual intercourse, anal sex, LBQT, and the rest of it, heterosexuality and homosexuality; I would suggest over two years, at a suitable take off point. Alternatively, one can prepare a format and give to a parent to explain, first, then queried later. But the fact is that teaching or exposing this subject to children must have a signed consent by a parent.

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