Don’t forget to relax


A few months ago, I found this poster on the website that reminded me to relax. This is one of the notes I keep within sight at all times. This is important because I have a habit of being high strong, and my blood pressure has a habit of being high.

I found out I had elevated blood pressure while still a teenage. Right after migrating to the United States, one of my first medical acts was to go to a clinic at the same time every day for five straight days to check my blood pressure. The doctors were convinced I had high blood pressure. For the record, I don’t. From that time onwards, I would usually spit out my blood pressure reading even before the machine kicked out it’s numbers.  However, during the past few years, my blood pressure has been slowly going down due to lifestyle changes and I guess my attempts at relaxation. I’m still amazed when I see a low numbers.

As I start my doctorate and during this entire stage in life. I’ll have to remember to relax. It’ll be ok. And, my blood pressure will continue to thank me.

Like the message “keep calm and keep walking”, this is one of the simple mantras that can aid in better health. Sometimes, it’s the simplest communication messages that have the biggest impact (on our health).

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