Want to know the best time to have kids? There’s an app for that

Family planning goes digital! The Fertility App has been developed by Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC), and is described as the first app of its kind produced by a health care provider. The app has an ovulation calculator, which is connected to the calendar. This then syncs with the user’s device to send them alerts and reminders. The user can add appointments and medications and there is a full medical glossary explaining all the medical terms associated with both male and female fertility. There is also a full description of preconception supplements and medications and their effects on the body when trying to conceive.

Veronica Montgomery, Marketing Manager at BFC said, “The app has been developed with every couple in mind who have made the life changing decision to start a family, we hope it will help couples conceive more easily and that they won’t need fertility treatment. However, the app covers everything about natural and assisted reproduction so that couple’s are aware of treatment options as well.”  The app is available through Apple’s App Store.
Would you use an app such as this? If you are a healthcare professional working with families trying to conceive, is this something you would suggest they use?

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