The Epidemic and the Response: Caribbean Response to HIV Amidst Natural Disasters by Dr. Jean William Pape at 2011 Caribbean HIV Conference

The organizers of the 2011 Caribbean HIV Conference have been uploading videos of the sessions on their Youtube page and I’ll be sharing a few more videos. In this one, Dr. Jean William Pape, Founder and Director of GHESKIO in Haiti discusses the organization’s response to the recent earthquake and subsequent cholera outbreak. Although he does not mention explicitly the role of crisis communication within disaster response, you can clearly see the importance of having a strategic crisis communication plan. By about the 7:00 minute mark, he talks about GHESKIO’s response and outlines how they went about communicating with their patients, including setting up 24-hour phone lines and delivering calling cards, having a ‘correspondent’ serve as a link between the organization and patients, and through radio messages.

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