Gaming for health in the region

Last Thursday, I again joined the folks over at eSAC for their weekly tweet chats. I have to say, I really enjoyed the conversation. For me, one of the most interesting turns of the night was the discussion about digital literacy, health literacy and public ehealth.

The chat also touched on how people use various media in their everyday life, and whether these intersect with the health sector. For example, some young people use the internet daily, but never use it to look for health information.

This segment also got be thinking about how prevalent video games are in our society, and whether there are any interventions or programs in the region that uses video games for health promotion or disease prevention. I tried doing a general online search to find people or places for examples and came up with nothing. Well, I did come across an animation studio in Trinidad (as well at the animation program at the university of Trinidad and Tobago) that look to be doing some cool things. I did not find examples of any health projects but this is one lead I’ll continue to follow.

In the meantime, anyone interested in knowing more about this area, the talk below gives an excellent overview.

So, to all my CH people, do you know of any entity that is using any kind of video games/animation/claymation/ for health? If you are actively involved in any interactive projects addressing any health issue afflicting the region, we would love to share your project with our community.


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