This is one of those things that has to be filed under “you gotta be kidding me, right?” I was searching for some information today and needed to access the resources of the Caribbean Public Health Agency. Now, being new entity, and one that strives for credibility, I am expecting to be able to access their website 24/7. Well, I can forgive cases where they are doing upgrades. But, what exactly would account for godaddy.com telling me that the website expired yesterday (12/08/2011) and “is pending renewal or deletion”. Is the agency switching to a new address? If not, didn’t someone receive numerous messages concerning the expiration date of their registration? I’m just saying! I obtained a web address through godaddy.com. That registration expires in three months from now, and I’ve already obtained an email telling me to renew. Please get it together people. I need my information.


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