The 2011 Caribbean HIv Conference starts today in The Bahamas; special PANCAP session on migranst and HIV on Sunday

This is one conference I would have loved to attend, but unfortunately, I can’t make it. In the meantime, I’ll be following media outlets closely to see if they are reporting anything. But, i wanted to share one session that I think people should attend. As we become more integrated economically, we are also experiencing an increase in migration across these islands. Now, we have always been a people on the move–regionally and internationally. Therefore, it’s important that governments consider the health of migrants in their countries and not just their citizens.

PANCAP is hosting a session asking:  “How To Improve Access to HIV Services for Migrants in the Caribbean?”

The discussion of migrants and HIV will focuses on the legal and policy aspects of accessing HIV services for migrants in the Caribbean, as well as community and social approaches in addressing immigrant issues. The main objective of this special session is to produce recommendations that can improve access to HIV services for migrants at the legal, policy, financial, social community and service levels.

Just as we expect other governments to have the best interest (in terms of health in this case) as they reside abroad, we also need to look inward to assess how much resources we are and can dedicate to the immigrants on our doorsteps, be they from the country next door or the one across the sea.

The session takes place at 11am on Sunday in the Room Grand F at the Atlantis Resort and Casino.

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