Sir Viv and Johnnie Walker team up on "Be a Giant: Don't Drink & Drive" campaign

Mixing alcohol with driving is one of the many growing public health problems across the Caribbean. Recently, cricket legend Sir Vivian Richards teamed with Diageo’s Johnnie Walker brand on their “Be a Giant: Don’t Drink and Drive” campaign. As reported in the Jamaica Observer, the campaign encourages Jamaicans and others to be a giant by not getting on the road. The message is that in having a responsible, non-drinking driver take charge of the wheel, all are being giants. Sports and alcohol may be strange bedfellows, but for cricket fans who enjoy the ‘party stand’ and VIP areas with unlimited alcohol, Sir Viv is a formidable face to have on this campaign.

A major component of the campaign is the Facebook pledge to not drink and drive. By liking the campaign on the social networking site, participants will join Sir Viv in committing to drinking responsibly. Although there was no mention in the article of how many people the campaign expected to reach, so far, almost 50 people have ‘liked’ the campaign, and presumably signed the pledge.

Have you heard of this campaign? Did you sign the pledge? Are you encouraging others to sign the pledge? If so, what type of communication are you using to spread the word? Does having to go to facebook to take the pledge factor in any way in your decision to engage with the campaign?

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