CHRC conference begins today in Guyana

The 56th Annual Caribbean Health Research Council Conference begins today in Guyana. This three-day conference-the largest health research conference in the English-speaking Caribbean-brings together researchers, policy makers and healthcare providers to address the pressing needs of the region.

Guessing by last year’s conference-with panels on chronic diseases, health services, HIV/AIDS/STIs, nutrition, communicable diseases and other topics-this year promises to be delve into a range of public health and healthcare concerns of many Caribbean countries.

According to the tentative program released by CHRC, presentations include :

  • “Fear of HIV/AIDS and perception of personal risk: Examining the impact on stigma towards PLHIV and intention to be HIV tested” by RP Yearwood
  • “The role of parenting education and training in increasing parenting competence: A Grenada study” by L Glasgow, S Felix, K Cyrus, S Thomas
  • “Acculturation of African and Indian‐Caribbean women shifts the age of onset of breast cancer away from indigenous populations towards urbanized countries: evidence for lifestyle effects” by  A Ahamad, G Legall, V Roach
  • “Cricket World Cup: A stress test for the surveillance system in the Caribbean” by E Boisson, M Imana, P Roberts

The full program is available here.

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