Frustrated News Reader

I’m cross-posting this comment I made on the Dominica News Online website because it gets at my frustration with the entire news system:

As much as I enjoy visiting this DNO, I often get frustrated for what passes as news. When a minister makes statements such as this, including the other article on ‘buggery’, I implore DNO to give the people of Dominica as much information as possible and stop posting these simple ‘press releases’. For one, the Strategic Health Plan is available in 2 volumes, with one being the Situation Analysis touched on in the ‘buggery’ article. I was able to obtain electronic copies by simply sending an e-mail to the ministry of health after a previous ‘article’ on the subject. And this leads to my second point, it would help is DNO linked previous ‘articles’ to current ones to give an accurate picture of the situation. I wanted to see for myself what’s in the document because of my interest in public health. And thus my last point, DNO could either make the document available to the public to put aside questions of availability and so we can move the conversation forward to whether they can actually accomplish what’s been stated or give people ways to get the documents.

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