A Force Behind the Lower Teen Birthrate: MTV’s ’16 and Pregnant’

“”Entertainment media is one of the nation’s favorite punching bags, but we have to acknowledge that when we’re talking about teen pregnancies media can be and often is a force for good, and that is particularly true when it comes to shows like ’16 and Pregnant,’ ‘” says Bill Albert, a spokesman for the National Campaign.”

Entertainment-education happens to be one of my research areas. This article reminds all the power of the media in influencing positive healthy behaviors.

Again, although not directly related to the Caribbean, MTV is a global media company. As such, I’m sure, since it’s American programming is seen on Caribbean television, the show could have an impact on Caribbean teens. Another thing to investigate.

via A Force Behind the Lower Teen Birthrate: MTV’s ’16 and Pregnant’ – Yahoo! TV Blog.

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